Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon Walk

On Sunday, the family took a walk around the neighborhood because Ginger our dog, was in dire need of a one, plus we needed the exercise. Because it will get darker sooner with daylight savings when we get home from work, we had to get out. Jack seemed to enjoy the light breeze, and the scenery. Ryan read somewhere that your child needs a certain amount of words spoken to them in one day. So to meet the quota he figured this was a perfect opportunity for him to describe everything we encountered, especially every tree we passed by and the type of leaves that were on it. Jack was interested... at least that is what his daddy thought.

This was the beginning of our walk, and Ginger was camara shy.

Stopping for a photo op, Say Cheese, Jack!!

What kind of tree, did you say that was?

Jack and His daddy


Mel said...

You must be teachers too! We do this with Jaxon too on our walks. It is true that they need to hear so many words in a day to build strong vocabularies and to help in early literacy. Not to worry though...they found that children who grow up in homes with parents who have a college degrees hear way more than the quota in a day. Interesting huh?

Oh and where do you get those cute striped pants Jack is always wearing? Adorable!

Devin's Mommy said...

Love the baby legs - adorable! They never looked that cute on Devin.