Monday, August 31, 2009

Hanging out with the Uncles!

Jack had a wonderful time getting to know his uncles a little bit better this past month. In fact, he met his Uncle Ebbie and his Uncle Kyle for the first time. It was such a special time for him. He loves his Uncles, and misses them too.

Uncle Frankie

Uncle Kyle

Uncle Ebbie

More Birthday Pictures!

Jack's Backyard BBQ!

Taking time to snap a photo with mommy

Lots of delicious food!

Birthday corn on the cob cupcakes

Birthday smash cake!

Where did the month go?

I just realized that today was the last day of August. The last posting I made was exactly a month ago. Unbelieveable. I am so far behind especially for my faithful followers. I promise to be more diligent in posting the happenings in the Shaw family. This month was an exceptionally busy one beginning with Jack's 1st birthday with a huge backyard swim party at Grandpa and Grandma's Shaws house, going on vacation to Carmel, and starting up the school year again. In fact, I have already been back to work for three weeks. Our weekends have been packed with activities, and hopefully we will be able to slow down and just enjoy not having anything to do but just hanging out with our precious boy Jack. Enjoy all the pictures from the past month!

I love banging things together!

The beginnings of our very own musician!

No photographs please!
Here is jack clearly enjoying his spaghetti dinner!

Dad and Jack enjoying slurping watermelon together.

I Love Watermelon!