Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gigglin Jack

This video was too cute. Ryan was giving Jack a bath and I heard some contagious laughter coming out of the bathroom. Jack and Ryan had been laughing at least a minute prior to me entering the bathroom with the camera. By the end of this video you will be chuckling too. Enjoy.

Larrys Produce

We decided to go to Larry's produce the day of halloween to get some pumpkins for the front of our house. We ended up with 5 since it was only 5 dollars to fill up your wheelbarrow. We could have gotten more, but we figured 5 was enough. Jack had a great time checking out the different kinds of pumpkins and finally getting a wheelbarrow ride from daddy.
playing with the tractor
checking out the pumpkin
the random huge chicken
playing on the pumpkin back at home

So Behind....

The last post was in September, 2 months ago. Sorry to those who have been checking his blog faithfully. Whoa...time sure has flown. Jack is growing by leaps and bounds, and he is just as handsome as ever. He is starting to say more words each day and he is surprising us with how smart he is. He running everywhere and adores Mickey mouse, loves watching airplanes and playing with his cars. He is starting to use a fork and a spoon during mealtimes too. I am adding pictures from the past couple of months to catch you up on the everyday happenings of our guy.

Here is last years picture at silveyville pumpkin patch 2008

2009 Picture
Here is another before and after picture of Jack and his buddy Sage at the same patch.

The boys at almost 14 months.