Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love the fall

This is my favorite season of the year. I love the autumn colors and the cool weather. You couldn't tell that it is Fall by the weather we are having. It feels like summer because we had the AC on the past couple of days. Jack is wearing the pumpkin hat I made him months ago, and it is a perfect fit. From the expressions on his face, I think that the next couple of months will be his favorite too.

Worth celebrating

Ryan and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary today. To make it even more special, we were able to spend it with our beautiful son, Jack. We are thankful and blessed that God allowed for us to start a family.

This evening we were able to get away and have a date night and eat sushi. Though it was only a couple of hours, we enjoyed each others company, and the quiet too : )

Thanks LOLO & LOLA for watching Jack. We appreciate it.

Cheers to spicy tuna roll!


We finally got around to purchasing a bathtub for Jack, making it easier on our backs. The past week and a half we have gotten into a routine of giving him a bath before bed. I think it has helped alleviate the long crying fits in the evening. We have him in the sling, but I think he will be outgrowing that in a couple of weeks since he is about 13 lbs. He mostly enjoys it, though he holds onto Ryan's fingers tightly.

Is soap supposed to taste good?

I think I like taking baths.

hair pulling

One afternoon, I heard Jack crying while Ryan was changing his diaper. The cries got louder and louder. I then heard Ryan say, "Faith, get in here quick, Jack is pulling his hair." Sure enough, Jack had a death grip and the area around the scalp where he was pulling was really red. So the louder he screamed, he harder he pulled. He had no idea that the pain he was feeling was actually being inflicted by himself.

1st day of school

My good friend Maya talked to me about enrolling Jack and I into a mommy and me class. It is a class for kids 2 years to newborn. Jack happens to be the youngest kid there. The class meets Monday and Wednesdays from 12:30-to 2:15. The kids are all adorable. It is a good opportunity for the kids to learn to play with one another and for parents to make connections. The first day Jack slept in his stroller. So needless to say, I would say that this class is more for me. I do have a great time talking "mommy talk with Maya". By the way the next class, Jack was alert and was able to do singing and carpet time.

Look at my cool tie and matching sweater.

Jack in his tracksuit with his good buddy Sage. Sage is one day older.

Taking a dip

During Labor Day weekend, our good friends the Cahills came to visit, and we had a BBQ at Pop and Mom Shaws house. BBQ's usually involve swimming, so Ryan decided to have Jack take a dip. The pictures describe the whole experience. Notice the skin tone of both of my boys. Jack was lathered in sunscreen, if you were curious.

Sleeping peacefully after the traumatic event.

Licked by a cow???

Our dear son Jack was blessed with not one, but many cowlicks. I googled the definition and this is what they said. "A cowlick appears when the growth direction of the hair forms a spiral pattern. The hair in a cowlick either stands straight up or lies at an extreme angle and seems to be always at odds with the style in which the rest of the hair is worn. They can show up anywhere. The most common site is in the crown." Well it says that most people do have two whorls , but our child has at least four. I am curious to see what style of hair Jack will be sporting when he grows older. If he has a hard time finding a suitable style he might have to revert to his Uncle Kyle's hairdo.

Jack's hair goes all sorts of directions on the top of his head.

Are you telling me I have to shave my head when I get older like Uncle Kyle?

Well... I guess I could live with a bald head.


The moment that Jack smiled for the first time, it melted me. There were times he grinned while sleeping, but that didn't count. One morning, I was playing with him after his feeding and he looked at me let out a little coo and smiled. Luckily he did it several times so I was able to capture it.

Look at that double chin.

Take the picture already mom!

Jungle Gym

I finally pulled out the jungle gym so that Jack could play. I caught him on film having a great time. It is so much fun to see little progresses each day, like him batting at things, recognizing sounds, shapes and colors. Hearing his voice is the most precious thing ever. (well... screaming doesn't count)
click on the photo to view the clip

From Movies

Craftin with Mom

I have always dreamed of my kids hanging out with me in the craft room, crafting. I don't know how often that will be when Jack gets older, so Jack and I went down to Artcentric at the end of August to make his his first craft. Boy was I excited, I don't know how thrilled he was since he was sleeping. We used his feet and his hands and imprinted them in clay with the help of Aline the owner of Artcentric. We also made a mug for daddy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Stripes

Who would've thought that two simple stripes on the wall could have calming effects? People pay to get massages, do yoga, light candles, and do aromatheraphy. For Jack we put him on the changing table, he stops fussing, he turns his head to left and stares at the two stripes that are painted on the wall. He seriously can lay there for minutes. I suppose it is mesmerizing.
What do you think?

chillin' on the boppy

Jack likes to hang out on the boppy.
This is one of my favorite pictures of him less than a week old. My little old man!!!

This is Jack at 7 weeks, he sure has grown.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

birth announcement

It took awhile to get the announcement out. For those moms who get them out within a couple of days of their little one's birth, they are amazing. I found it hard just to catch a quick shower or even watch our favorite shows the first couple weeks Jack came home. I finally got around to designing two different ones, since it was hard to choose what pictures to use.


Don't wake me...I'm sleeping

He is precious when he sleeps. He looks so calm and peaceful.

I love my binky

Jack finally figured out that he likes binkys. He has had at least 4 different kinds. He started out with a soothie, moved on to the nuk and now it is definitely the avent.

Look at the size of that binky on Baby Jack's face.

I found my fingers

Having a newborn you definitely keep the camara close at hand to catch that perfect shot. Jack seemed to find his fingers today. It was helpful that he could soothe himself to sleep. Way to go Jack.


Day 3

This was an eventful day for Jack. He was able to be finally held by Grandma Shaw. We know how badly Grandma wanted to hold Jack. She cherished every minute.



Look at those cheeks.

Finally HOME

Still in the car seat from the ride home from the hospital.

Taking Jack home finally was exciting but scary all at the same time. Ryan and I survived on pure adrenaline. When that wore off, Ryan slept and my motherly instincts kicked in. It was an emotional first couple of days getting used to taking care of another person and figuring out why he was crying. Luckily we had the help of our parents.

For the first few days we had to supplement him with formula until my milk came in. It definitely was a trying time, since Jack's little stomach was hurting so badly. You could hear all the gas churning in his little belly. When we were able to feed him breastmilk things changed quickly and Jack was soo happy.

I can't believe how tiny he looks.

meeting the grandparents

All the grandparents were so eager to meet little jack. He was on good behavior. Unfortunately Grandma Shaw was not able hold him since she was under the weather.

Cleaning up

Jack got cleaned up and was ready to meet the grandparents. Little did he know how much love he was going to encounter just down the hallway.