Saturday, September 27, 2008

Licked by a cow???

Our dear son Jack was blessed with not one, but many cowlicks. I googled the definition and this is what they said. "A cowlick appears when the growth direction of the hair forms a spiral pattern. The hair in a cowlick either stands straight up or lies at an extreme angle and seems to be always at odds with the style in which the rest of the hair is worn. They can show up anywhere. The most common site is in the crown." Well it says that most people do have two whorls , but our child has at least four. I am curious to see what style of hair Jack will be sporting when he grows older. If he has a hard time finding a suitable style he might have to revert to his Uncle Kyle's hairdo.

Jack's hair goes all sorts of directions on the top of his head.

Are you telling me I have to shave my head when I get older like Uncle Kyle?

Well... I guess I could live with a bald head.

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