Monday, April 20, 2009

The eight am obsession

I love shopping online, so when I found out about babysteals, it became an 8:00 am daily obsession for me. I stumbled onto this website about a month after Jack was born, and even if I was up most of the night, I managed to take the time to turn on my computer and click onto their website. I would pull myself out of bed about 5-10 minutes before 8 am, turn on the morning news and I would click the refresh button numerous times so that I could actually get onto the website, since there would always be traffic. It was was a challenge to see if I could get the item especially if it was something I liked, like babylegs. There are always great deals, and such cute items, I wished I knew about this prior to giving birth, so that I could have seen all the cool hip items that were out there, for such a reasonable prices! Thanks for the great husband thanks you too ; ). If you want to check out my obsession, click onto the baby steals tag below. Let me know if you become obssessed too!


Mel said...

You are the reason I am hooked on this too. :)

BestPit said...

Mommy version of Woot!

MrsN said...

Yep....a constant rush as 8am hits. My bank account can attest.