Sunday, March 1, 2009


I hope that this kid likes hats when he gets older right now he doesn't have a choice :0) I love making new ones for him, and finding ones that are too cool, and cute! Here are a couple of his newer ones.

This pattern was bought from one of my favorite knitting stores pick up sticks, and I got it knitted and felted, before the knitting convention. Jack was a hit with all the ladies there. He definitely made a good model.

I found this pattern on etsy, and tried my crocheting skills. Not too bad eh... It took me a couple of tries of crocheting, and ripping apart until I finally got it!

The side view. I love the buttons.

I found this hat on babysteals and figured I could try to replicate the pattern. I'm working on it.

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BestPit said...

I love this brown one with the adorable bill. You impress me all the time with your knitting and crocheting abilities!