Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our first child

Our first daughter, Ginger...has had a hard time adjusting, but she is coming around. The first night she came home from my parents house, she was so excited to see us. Little did she know that in the next couple of hours she would hear high pitched screams which were unfamiliar to her. That night, she backed herself into the corner in the laundry room and shook like crazy. She also stayed outside, which she rarely does. She unded up sleeping in the garage on one of her beds. Ginger doesn't want anything to do with him so she just tunes him out. Lately, she has been coming around though. The other day while Jack was napping on the couch she decided to join him. She has been laying on his blankets, and tonight she found herself on the vibrating chair. I think she is trying to reclaim her territory.

No wonder Jack likes this vibrating chair it does wonders to my back.

This blanket is cozy.

Jack always hangs out on this blanket for tummy time, just needed to try it out for size.

Gotta love the boppy!!
We came home from church and Ginger was snuggled on the couch with the pillow.

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MrsN said...

Ginger is staking her go girl!